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thoughts on virginity

What affect did losing your virginity have on your life? What were the positives? What were the negatives? What would you change?

If you had a friend who was considering losing her virginity, what would you tell her?
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Got me alot more confident with women overall, and from their instead of only fooling around here and there my sex life since as been pretty steady. If you are safe its very fun. The negatives was one stds scare! Lucky for me I was clean. I would tell the girl to make sure its a guy she wont later in life regret, you can only lost your virginity once so make sure its not with some random idiot.
I did have a friend like that! :P I told her it's up to her to lose it, since nothing lasts forever anyhow, but she should be more careful with whom to give it away to, not to mention when & where. She was 21, & she didn't really listen to me. I didn't mind as much, of course, as it was HER life we were talking about, not mine, hehe.

guys lose their virginity too you know!
i don't regret anything. i do resent the person i lost my virginty to and the amount of manipulation and emotional abuse that relationship had. i lost my 'girl' virginity in a loving, supportive setting and am glad for it. my advice to a friend: just be sure of the other person beforehand.
Yea guys lose theirs as well. The effect it had on me was massive guilt, because of the circumstances. I was a complete prick about it. Like you Lauren the girl I lost it with(it was her first time too) had every right to despise me. I won't go into detail as this isn't the proper venue. My only defense, and it's hardly that, is that I was extremely young. I've always felt that I stole something from her that she can never get back. And from myself as well.

It's hard to say what the lasting effects have been, other than the guilt. I didnt have sex again for years after that and since then have been really careful about it. To the point where I've even refused(as weird as that sounds). I firmly beleive that taking a casual attitude about sex deminishes it to the point of making it trivial and meaningless.
totally, i don't think its weird refusing or holding out. i feel like sex in its way is a big commitment to someone and therefore don't do it with every second person.
no I know you're a girl. What I meant was, that just as you feel some anger and resentment towards the guy you spoke of, the girl I had my first time with should feel justified in resenting me. Based on my actions prior to and after the event. Hence my feelings of guilt.


November 20 2005, 07:49:30 UTC 11 years ago

woah, weird. i am not a guy btw, i thought you knew that by using my name: lauren. But on second reading that was your girlfriends name. just clarifying a few things.
i was ment to be signed in