Tabatha (filmsofsilence) wrote in onequestion,

A Question?

Is there anything you want to do in your life that you can't see yourself doing or that is completely out of your character?

I would learn how to skateboard since I'm a completely unathletic painter.I think skatboarding on ramps is so cool for some reason and have no idea how anyone does it without breaking their necks.
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I would learn how to dance.
How fun. What kind of dance?
I'm not sure, really. Something elegant and graceful, like the way the lady in my icon (Kate Bush) was trained. I pretend to be her and dance around the room to her music sometimes!

Deleted comment

yea that'd be nice too. I always wanted to just chuck it all move to Budapest. I have a friend who's family came from there and one of his cousins came here for a visit once. He told me all about it. It sounded like an awesome place to live.
I'm bookish and nerdy and quiet and my favorite TV show is Battlestar Galactica. When I was growing up, I used to play D&D with my friends.

And when I grow up, I'm going to be a general contractor.
Is a general contractor basicly like a building contractor?
P*RN ST*R!!!

LOL yeah like sensual dancing. LOL. ewwwww. or dressing hot.

oh, wait, I really wouldn't want to do that.
I think I'd wish I could sky dive off skyscrapers or cliffs like you see those lunatics do. I have this massive fear of heights thing so I'd never actually do it but I always thought it was pretty cool.